Complexities of the female mind

Considered broadly, the mind of a woman is a complex phenomenon. Who really knows why they do the things they do. Scientists, scholars and people from all walks of life have given their opinion on how females react to certain things.


source: google images

Why do women compete?

Being a modern woman in the 21st century is tough. You not only have to compete against the opposite sex, but other women as well. Gender inequality in the workplace is still a huge problem in South Africa. So as women, why do you still see the need to compete against and with each other? Life is not a race, it’s a journey. Each person has their own set of goals that they would like to accomplish, so there is absolutely no need for you to feel that you are less of a woman if you haven’t achieved the same successes as your friends or co-workers. You need to work with what is best for you and not copy what might have worked for someone else.

The green eyed monster

I have often felt jealous of some of my friends’ achievements. It truly is a horrible feeling. How does one let go of jealousy? Whether you’re jealous about their hair, weight or accomplishments, it all leads to the same thing. Some women can see or sense when someone is jealous of them, their lives etc but that’s it, you are the one who has to deal with those feelings. Feelings of jealousy often result in you feeling inadequate. You ask yourself why her and not me, why do those things happen for them and not me? Being jealous of someone else does nothing good for you and it does not bother them. The best thing is to let it go, you probably do have so many other things to be grateful for, you don’t need that extra baggage.


source: google images/gif

Who said what??

Women are known for their gossiping. It can be really hard keeping a juicy story to yourself, especially if it is about someone you do not like. So how do you stop yourself? You wouldn’t like it if someone else spreads rumours about you. If you cannot handle it being done to you then don’t do it to someone else. For some help with that: Stop gossiping

It is hard to always watch what you say and what you do. Things like jealousy and gossiping are really negative. So if you remove such negative traits from your life, you will definitely be much happier. The happier you are, the more you will prosper.


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