Violence against women crisis


The recent sexual violence against women in Cape Town have left many feeling unsafe, after seven cases have made news headlines.

In just less than six months, seven females were reported to have been sexually assaulted with two of them losing their lives. The victims were young women, with the youngest being 15. It is clear that the perpetrators of such hideous crimes target younger women, whom they can overpower and take to secluded areas where they commit these violent crimes. Six out of the seven crimes were committed in areas which are often used for jogging and where victims felt safe.

The crimes committed in the Rhodes Memorial vicinity all involved young women who were either jogging or walking in the area. The perpetrators took advantage of the isolation that the area provided. For more information on the Rhodes Memorial rapes, please click on the link: Rhodes Memorial rapist. The same can be said for the young teen who initially was reported murdered in the Tokai Forest area. When the case went for further investigation, it was later discovered that she was also raped.

The police have arrested several suspects in connection with the crimes committed. Although a victory for these young women, Cape Town and the rest of the country is still plagued with violence, especially those committed against women and children. The police often urge the public to avoid being alone in places such as Rhodes Memorial and Tokai Forest. First year student Ilhaam Jacobs said: “why didn’t the victims just avoid going close to there after the first incident, or maybe not go alone.” People cannot live their lives in fear for something that might or might not happen to them.

From 2014 to 2015, the number of reported sexual crimes has decreased but the statistics are still alarming. For more information regarding the statistics of crimes in Cape Town, click on the link: sexual crimes stats 2014-2015. The ways in which these sexual crimes are committed are becoming more brutal and savage. More sexual crimes are committed in low income areas than those in high income areas. Teen Sinoxolo Mafevuka had been murdered and her case did not receive the same reception from the police as the Tokai Forest murder case. Although having captured the suspects, there were still many times where the family did not know what was happening regarding the investigation.

The Women for Change organisation held a run in honour of the two murdered victims, as well as many others. It took place on the 15th of March 2016 at Tokai Forest. Well over 3000 people came together to do the event.


source: women for change facebook page

There are many other organisations in Cape Town who provide support to victims of such crimes. It is often advised that the victims seek out help as soon as possible. For more information, please click on the link: rape crisis Cape Town.


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