Social media is flooded with images of makeup transformations. From what I have seen so far, most of the time the responses are negative. Females, and many males are mocking and taking jabs at women who use excessive makeup. Exactly like this one


source: facebook page

I am yet to come across a meme which criticizes or pokes fun at someone who does not use makeup.

What is the big deal anyway?

Going through my social media apps, I noticed that the people forwarding, sharing or commenting negatively on these makeup transformation images are often the ones who are most vocal about people doing what’s best for themselves and screw what the haters say blah blah blah. Sharing that image puts you in the same boat as ‘those haters’. Essentially, you are criticizing someone for the way they look, even if it isn’t all natural. Makeup enhances your beauty, be it a little or a lot.  I have heard some women say that they cannot leave the house without putting their ‘faces on’. Let them put their faces on. Many women say that they feel more beautiful and definitely more confident with their appearance when using makeup.

Money well spent

The cosmetics industry generates a large amount of money for South Africa’s GDP. When I say large, I mean billions. That amount rises every year. With that being said, cosmetics can’t be that bad if it is such a booming industry. With the amount of money women spend on makeup, they sure as hell can do with it whatever they please, even if it is transforming themselves into a different person. I remember in my teens, I spent about R15-R25 on lipgloss or lipbalm, which would probably last me the whole month. So for that whole month I’d rock that cherry blossom lipgloss. Heck, I still spend that amount on Labello. Nowadays women opt for the more expensive brands. Mac, which is a popular brand in South Africa, charges about R210 for a matte lipstick. That’s just lipstick, what about all the other beauty products that women use. Doing your whole face could cost you anything from R100- R1000 a month, depending on the brands and the amount products you use. Yet people still feel the need to criticize someone who is that dedicated to looking beautiful.

When you do it wrong

I admit, I used to be that girl who rolls her eyes at an image of someone whose makeup wasn’t applied on properly. However, not everyone has their own personal makeup artist and learning from tutorials isn’t always easy, this i can definitely agree on. Instead of criticizing and making fun of someone who is ‘doing it wrong’, share your beauty wisdom if you know of a better way. When trying out a new look you should always ask family or friends if it works for you, they might notice some mistakes that you don’t. And remember, they key to getting it perfect for YOU is to keep practicing.

Below is a tutorial if you need some help. I tried out this tutorial a while ago and although I didn’t use all the products she does, I still managed to get the look that I was going for.



Dont just take my word for it, take a look for yourself:




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