It is that time of the year where students are hurrying to hand in last assignments, copy down notes from friends that hardly looks familiar. We have reached that time where we are preparing to study for exams

A first year student asked me: “What advice can you give me with regard to studying and preparing for exams”. I laughed because have not figured out how to do that properly. High school cannot prepare you for the university life, not even close. You have all these major assignments due so close to each other, if I had the time to cry then I would. I found it really difficult managing my time. Mostly definitely one of the biggest reasons why I would still be sitting with an assignment the night before it is due. What I can say is time management is important. It makes a huge difference if you plan out your assignments due for the semester as soon as you know the dates. That way you can give yourself time to work on ones that are perhaps due on the same day (that happens a lot!). Of course planning is worth nothing if you cannot stick with the dates you set for yourself. An important lesson I will always carry with me.

Seeking out help when you need it is also very important. This does not only have to be at the end of the semester, it can be at any time you might feel lost. I had to swallow my pride and ask many people for help, even when I did not want to. At the end of the day, the advice or help that they give you can only be to your benefit. I would much rather ask someone for help and have a better understanding of my work than be quiet and stay confused. Help does not only have to come from lecturers or staff, I have often asked students who have done the course before or someone in my class that does really well. learning from them can benefit you.

Finally, whichever institution you are studying at should have a mental health/wellness centre. When people hear the word mental health they immediately think oh she’s crazy or psycho, which is not the case. Those mental health facilitators or psychologists deal with any kind of problem you might have. When i say ANY kind, I really mean any kind. You could spend the whole session talking about your problems your cat has been giving you and they would still see you again. So if you remember anything at all from this post it should be: SEEK OUT HELP WHEN YOU NEED IT.



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